Welfare Rights

Welfare Rights

CAB can give advice on benefits and also help complete any benefit application forms for new claims and renewal claims.
We can also carry out benefit checks to ensure you or your family are receiving your correct entitlement and advise on reviews if health changes. 
As well as help with GP reports and can represent our clients at Appeal Tribunals (Case Dependant) and carry out home visits to individuals not able to attend a bureau.

The benefits CAB can advise on are;  

Disability Living Allowance (children) 

Personal Independence Payment        

Attendance Allowance                          

Carers Allowance                                    

Pension Credit & Premiums

Child Tax Credits - Claims (3 children or more), Estimations of award amounts

Employment and Support Allowance

Universal Credit  - See Help to Claim

Maternity Benefits/Grants

Community Care Grants

Crisis Grants

Housing Benefit (existing claims)

Council tax Benefits

Bereavement Benefits

Heating bills/energy efficiency